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Post production

Using the latest technology in hardware as well as softwares, we are able to provide a full post production services. Formats from Analog to Digital, from SD to HD, even 2K to 5K, we are able to full support these formats. Right from the start, RAW footages to high compression of your choice.

Using Xsan as our central server, connected to all our Final Cut System, we are able to work more efficiently. Projects files are easily accessible from all our suites. Using amazing softwares like Final Cut Pro, Motion, Adobe, Shake, Davinci, Furnance, and many more.


Post Production House

Capture Edit Color
  1. Final Cut Pro

  2. Motion

  3. color

  4. shake

  5. Xsan

  6. Davinci

  7. Adobe

  8. Furnance

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